Exploring Two Sides of Ibiza

ibiza-old-townIf there is one destination whose name resonates with fun and thrill then it has to the historical Mediterranean Island of Ibiza. Take a look at what makes this place so special and, if you haven’t been to the island, what you have been missing.

Brief Overview of Ibiza

If you are an avid traveler, you appreciate how important it is to get facts right on any destination before heading there. Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands in Spain and dates back to the Phoenicians occupation of the 654 BC.

The allure of Ibiza was to attract the Romans and Greek, Moors, among other civilizations, who helped create the rich heritage that forms part of the island’s modern attractions. The rock island has idyllic climate for holidaying, and amazing beaches irresistible to every discerning traveller.

Juicing the Most Out of Ibiza

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which also incorporates modern lifestyle, Ibiza has contrasting offerings for every kind of traveller. Here are two distinct glimpses of Ibiza, which make it the ideal travelling destination:

1. Amazing Nightlife

Ibiza is synonymous with the best night-life in the world with long drawn parties hosted by world class DJs.  You can have fun at parties either in Ibiza town, at Sant Antoni or the West End.

The clubs here are legendary, including Amnesia, Space, Pacha and Privilege, among others. Whether you want to club during the day at Space after leaving Amnesia in the wee hours of the morning, there is never ending fun to enjoy.

sunset2. Sit Back and Relax

It might sound unreal that you can actually sit back and unwind in Ibiza, but a visit to the Café Del Mar will have you doing so as you watch the sunset with other tourists. The sight is simply breathtaking and you cannot afford to miss it.

Another alternative is chartering a boat or yacht to experience Ibiza on the water. This is an opportunity to pamper yourself and your family away from other visitors on the island.

With a yacht charter, you are able to explore hidden bays and coves as you relish the cool breeze on the luxurious yacht. Boat charters make ideal to hosting spots for all types of parties from engagement to corporate events. You just have to use the best charter company, such as www.sea-amigos.com, to fully enjoy your time here.

Still wondering where your next vacation should be? Ibiza is the place to go if you really want to maximize on fun during your trip.

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Hospitality at Monte Carlo Bay Hotel

Monte-Carlo Bay HotelIf you are going down to the Mediterranean any time soon, it is most likely that you will end up in Monaco. This historic city has become the epicentre of South Europe tourism and for a good reason. In addition to the glamorous Monaco GP, the glitz associated with the city makes it irresistible.

Redefining Hospitality

There is one more thing that this principality has to offer and that is great hospitality. There are many prestigious hotels in Monte Carlo City but you must try Monte Carlo Bay to savour the essence of good accommodation.

In fact, this L-shaped hotel has been creating a buzz in most travel magazines and reviews hence you need to check in and see what it really has to offer. But wait a minute; isn’t it better to get a sneak preview before you hop in? Take a look:

  • Convenient location: Of course, location determines how well you will enjoy your stay in any destination. Located in the eastern end of Monaco by the sea front, the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel offers proximity to the Grimaldi Forum, Casino Monte Carlo, and the harbour among other places you might want to visit while on holiday.
  • Plethora of activities to help you relax: If you are an indoors person, worry not because the aptly built indoors pool, a Cinq Mondes Spa, 4 hectares of lush gardens by the sea for you to sit back and relax, a small casino, the legendary Jimmy Z’s among others provide opportunities to have fun.
  • Best sea view: 75% of the 334 rooms offer you a great view of the sea. Truth be told, there is no better way to relax in the city than sitting outside your lobby drink in hand and feeling the breeze wash over you.
  • Amenities and facilities galore: For a 4-star hotel, the management has tried to offer everything you can think of. From a safe deposit box, 24-hour front desk service, hair salon, wireless internet connection, mini-bar in your room, designer toiletries, air conditioning, pay movies to mention but a few. Simply put you are savouring what hospitality should feel like.
  • Magnificent design: This is where this mercurial hotel beats many others on the bay area. The lagoon unique in Europe, large balconies, a solarium, water features and gardens and the amazing neo-classical design will clearly awe you.

When choosing a good hotel leave nothing to detail and be ready to ask anything about the service. With their reliable customer levels, Monte Carlo Bay should be able to clear everything up you before you even leave home.

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Best Kept Secrets about South of France

n your travel book, there are those destinations that you place at the top. One of these is of course South of France and if it does not feature on your must-visit destinations, you had better add it now.

Lifetime of Exploration

If you are a keen traveler, it is most likely that you need proof that this region is really worth the buzz and this is what you are going to get here. However, frankly speaking, there is no one single page that could come close to analyzing what South of France has to offer.

In fact, many a traveler has found that this is a lifetime undertaking which requires you to keep returning. So, what makes this place tick? Here are some ideas:

Fascination with Rich Heritage

Everywhere you look South of France you will be fascinated by Roman remains, great architectural masterpieces, among other ancient and classical influences.

Most of the cities in the region, boast of a rich heritage that awes every visitor. The Roman architectural genius in cities such as Arles will wow you especially the open air arena.

The Excellent Weather

Nothing beats travelling in an exotic place with welcoming weather. Well, in South France you are in for a treat especially if you visit between April and May and later in September and October.

The only period when the weather can mess your vacation is from November to January as it freezing cold. If you don’t mind the cold, you can still enjoy the low-season.

Best Places to Visit in South of France

Now that the region is wide, a few highlights will help you pick convenient locations:

Visit Nice

This is the fifth largest city in France only rivaled by Paris as a tourist attraction. There are must-do activities like walking on the Promenade des Anglais, which face the sea, the beach and hotels. It is an ethereal feeling.

The Matisse Museum, Vieux Nice and the magnificent Russian Cathedral are also must visit sites in the city. The markets, boutiques, among other attractions are waiting for you to explore.

St. Tropez

You must have heard of St. Tropez with its glamor and glitz that has continued to attract who-is-who in the world. It is a must-visit destination in summer as you will be awed by the classy restaurants and of course the famous beaches.

Gorges du VerdonGorges du Verdon

If you are in for some adrenaline rush, then visit this France’s equivalent of the Great Canyon. The 700 m drop will surely leave you feeling dazed but the fun is just so exhilarating to be missed. If you want to organize a day trip out of town, there is no better place than the Gorge du Verdon.

Pont Du Gard

If you are around Nimes and Montpelier, this Roman aqueduct is another sight to behold. In fact it is so important to history that it has been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gardens around will take you back centuries as you relax and marvel at the architectural genius of the Roman Empire.

Aigues MortesAigues Mortes

This is another ancient marvel. The walled city also takes you back to the medieval ages with its grid pattern streets. Located conveniently among the dunes and plain of Camargue it is easy to reach and explore if you are around Montpellier.

The Canal du Midi

Your trip cannot be complete before visiting the largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a tree-lined canal running from Toulouse to the Mediterranean. If you are around Beziers and Aude, you have to visit and relish the relaxed tranquility of Southern France lifestyles.

There is much more to see in all the Southern regions. From Mont Canigou, the magnificent medieval Carcassonne Castle, Arles City, to the Popes’ palace in Avignon there is a lot more for you to sample.

The exquisite hotels, good transport network and of course amiable people continue making South of France one of the places you must visit in your lifetime. The fun never ends here.

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